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Anastasis Productions
A.C.T. Play Page
Full length plays with Christian themes from Adventist Christian Theatre

Crosstown Series
Eleven kid's sketches to purchase from Double Edge Productions, a drama ministry from Florida.

GNMS Drama materials
Sketch books, full length plays, youth skits, monologues, skits for children, church dinner theater, puppet scripts, Christmas plays & sketches, Easter pageant materials, drama ministry support resources and more!

Horizon Gate Productions
For over 25 years, have been providing original scripts, production services, and educational services for stage and screen in over 23 cultures and more than 25 corporate entities.

Lifelines Drama Group Web Site
Scripts downloaded in pdf format. Excellent variety of material.

Light To The World Ministries
This is a catalog of scripts from Wayne L. Tilden. Variety of scripts from drama to musicals.

Master's Image Ministry Resources
Here is a listing of some dynamic ministry resources for you and your church. They include drama resources such as Power Plays and The Dramatized Bible.

The Mega Package
Radical dramas for youth ministry, geared exclusively to the MTV generation. INCLUDES: 37+ Detailed Scripts for Game Shows, Narrations, Commercials, Monologues, Skits/Dramas/Mixers.

Shackleford Scripts
Scripts by playwright, Lee Shackleford. Some secular, some screenplays for TV.