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Assorted Resources

Anastasis Productions
Christian Drama Emporium
A nice directory of scripts available on the Web.

C.I.T.A. Web
Christians In Theatre Arts is a North American networking organization for believers involved in the arts. an information point for people involved in professional theatre, church drama, educational theatre, touring theatre, or community theatre.

Commission Christian Radio Productions
Fascinating site. This group in Belfast produces Christian Radio Drama. I had the pleasure of visiting them in June of 99.

Possibly the most complete Christian Drama Resource on the Web.

Entertainment News
Casting, Theatre Performances, Art Shows, Concerts, and other related news.

Harlow Causeway Drama Group
This is a group made up of able bodied and disabled people, presenting the Gospel in Dramatic form.

Lampost Resource Catalog.
Sketchbooks, full length plays, instructional videos.

Passion Play
Book a trip to Oberammergau for it's performance of the Passionplay in the year 2000.

The Sketch Pad
This is a site rich in resources and insiriration.

Subscribe to Foothold
Foothold is a newsletter published by Drama for Christ, from Downunder

Theatrical Makeup
Lots of clown makeup, stage blood, etc.

Visual Impact Gifts & Creative Services
Costumes, gifts, courses, and seminars. Online catalog from Singapore.