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Traveling Ministries

Anastasis Productions
Covenant Players
35 year old ministry, 110 teams, use their web site to contact them for booking purposes.

Drama for Christ Sponsorship
You have an opportunity to help support this creative group from Australia.

dre.am VISION ministries
Deirdre and Allan Martin are young adults with a vision to nurture and empower young people in Christian lifestyle and ministry.

Double Edge Productions
If you are looking for an oportunity to be part of a drama ministry, this may be your chance. Find out how to join this Florida based ministry.

Exousia Christian Theater Ministries
Current Plays available for performance. Allen and Jenny Lemke perform at churches, retreats, or special meetings.

Friends of the Groom Drama Group
More than just theater - the Friends of the Groom (FOG) specializes in entertaining audiences and challenging them with the Christian message at the same time.

Into The Light Productions
Into The Light Productions performs the four gospels worldwide. Find out how to bring them to your church.

The Johnny V Show

This "Saturday Night Live" style show combines live music, videos, audio parodies, drama, audience participation, commercials, relevant ministry... the latest technology supports this creative, radical "strategy" for reaching today's young people -- as well as adults.

The Lampost Theatre Co.
This innovative group of artists seeks to illuminate the mystery through Creativity, Performance, and Resources.

The Lord's Players
College group that travels around the state of Georgia.

One Time Blind
"This ministry is aimed at the youth of today. In reaching our youth, we believe the use of drama, combined with music, testimony and other forms of media, are powerful tools that God has blessed us with."

Prime Example
The Prime Ministers of mirth. Prime Example is the two man Christian Comedy team of Jon Lawhon and Fred Passmore, dedicated to uplifting the Body of Christ (the church) and sharing the gospel with the lost.

Sheer Joy! Ministries
You can have Pilate, Barabas, Judas, John the Baptist, or any of 30 Biblical personalities speak at your church or function.

David Shelton
David is an extremely talented performer, who ministers the gospel in a fresh and exciting way. At his site you can fill out a request form for booking.